WELLNESS EXAMS - We recommend an annual physical exam for pets under 8 years of age and twice yearly for pets that have reached their golden years. Keep in mind that pets age much more rapidly than their people and some age related diseases caught in the early stages can often be controlled through medications and even simple dietary changes.

VACCINATIONS - We recommend an appropriate wellness care schedule for your pet based upon it's age and lifestyle. Please visit our Pet Care pages for more specific information.

SURGERY - We are fully equipped to perform all routine surgeries for your pet. We also perform a wide range of non-routine type surgeries but when needed, we can refer you and your pet to an appropriate specialist.
To ensure that your pet has a safe experience we will:

Perform pre-anesthetic blood tests for all pets over the age of 7 years.
Give pre-op sedation to minimize anxiety.
Electronically monitor pulse and blood oxygen levels throughout the procedure.
Use Sevoflurane inhalation anesthetic (not metabolized by the liver, kidneys, liver ensuring a quick recovery from it's effects).
Give post-op pain medication as needed.
Provide lots of TLC!  

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At Linville Animal Hospital we firmly believe in preventative care for your pet. This includes annual wellness visits, dental care, proper life stage nutrition, and vaccinations.

Pets with special medical needs can be referred to veterinarians that specialize in almost 
every area that human medicine does.
LASER THERAPY - The latest technology for healing and pain relief is available for your pet with the Companion Therapy Laser. The deep-penetrating light stimulates each individual cell to revitalize and reactivate its own healing processes through a biochemical cascade of events. The laser provides relief from a wide range of disorders including Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Numerous Skin Conditions, Ear infections and Inflammation, Wound Healing, and much more.

DENTISTRY - Most dogs and cats eventually need a professional dental cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler such as your dentist might use. We also hand scale the teeth under the gum line where tartar often accumulates (sub gingival root planing), then polish the teeth to reduce the recurrence of tartar buildup.

Dental procedures are performed using the same inhalation anesthetic and careful monitoring techniques that we use for our surgical patients. Many pets have their teeth cleaned on an annual basis to help ensure optimal oral health.

RADIOLOGY - At some point in your pet's life, we may need an x-ray or ultrasound as part of a diagnostic workup. We are fully equipped for this with our digital x-ray system and in-house Ultrasound.

SENIOR CARE - We want our pets to remain healthy and happy for as long as possible, and this can be achieved through exercise, a healthy diet and regular veterinary check ups.  Aging changes such as arthritis, vision and hearing losses are normal and cannot be prevented. Many changes related to disease, however, can be managed and treated successfully if detected early.
In addition to the routine preventative care for adult dogs and cats, we offer an Annual Health Monitoring program that includes bloodwork for detection of liver and kidney disease, diabetes and anemia.
Included is interpretation of the results, and a consultation with one of our veterinarians to discuss any recommendations we may have.

Dietary changes are in order for dogs and cats over 7 years of age. There are many "Senior Diets" on the market and it is likely the brand of food your pet eats has one available.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING - Your pet's nutritional requirements will change as they grow into adulthood and again when they reach their senior years.  A healthy adult dog does not require the same protein content in it's food as a puppy does. A cat with early signs of kidney disease should not be fed the same food as a healthy older cat. We can help you make the right choices for your pet's nutritional needs based upon its age, activity levels, and overall health.
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